Insulation Vacuum Removal Bags

Holds More

Holds over 9 Cubic feet MORE than 4' x 6' removal bags.


The strongest removal bag in the industry. Guaranteed not to rip!

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$9/Removal Bag

Our original, multipurpose insulation removal bag. Built and designed for insulation removal professionals.

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$9.50/Removal Bag

Our newest insulation removal bag in the Tough Bags family. Built with an 8" diameter collar.

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Insulation removal vacuum nags

Tough Bags - Insulation Removal Bags

Tough Bags insulation vacuum removal bags are the strongest and most versatile collection bags in the industry. Tough Bags are capable of holding approximately 84 cubic feet of material that can withstand being jumped on, walked on, kicked and hit to compact the material all without tearing.

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Insulation Batt Removal and Debris Bags

Multipurpose Removal Bags

Tough Bags aren't just for your vacuum. Our removal bags are perfect for batt removal and attic debris, making every job that much easier without purchasing multiple products.

Batt and Debris Removal

Insulation Waste Removal Bags

Low Bulk Vacuum Bags

Leading the industry in insulation removal bags. Non ripping or tearing insulation bags for insulation removal contractors and companies.


Strongest Removal Vacuum Bag in the Industry

Strong Vacuum Bags

The most durable, and affordable insulation vacuum bags made for insulation removal companies.

Stackable Insulation vacuum bags

Stackable Vacuum Bags

When it's time to pack up and leave the job site, our insulation removal bags make it easy. Easily stackable and movable from location A to B.