Batt Insulation Removal and Debris Bags

Our insulation removal bags are multifunctional. They can double as a large batt insulation and trash/ debris chute when hung from a scuttle hole or pull down staircase rough frame.

Most homes don't just have blown insulation, but a mixture of blown and batt insulation. Insulation removal technicians are often left cleaning up leftover debris from previous technicians, roofers, or former homeowners.


Simply Staple to Attic Entrance

By simply stapling three sides of the Tough Bag  to the back side of a pull down attic staircase rough frame, you now have a removal bag for all your batt insulation and debris. The Tough Bag helps you remove debris without taking up valuable work space.

Hanging a Tough Bag removal bag also works great on scuttle hole applications. Staple 4 sides of the Tough Bag  to the scuttle hole rough  frame and throw batts and trash down into the bag. When your ready to bring your trash shoot down, just tear the Tough Bag away from the opening, tape it closed, and haul it off.

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Batt Insulation Removal and Debris Bags