Insulation Removal Machines

How to connect our insulation removal bags

We recommend using a short section of hose to connect directly to your insulation removal machine. This will help eliminate blowouts and help the removal bags fill more evenly.


How to connect insulation removal bags directly to your insulation removal machine.

Follow the steps below to install Tough Bags removal bags directly to the exit of your insulation machine. ( Click each image to view larger )

Step 1

Place the removal bag flat on the ground with machine exit directly in the middle.

Step 2

Place the middle of the removal bag over the exit.

Step 3

Directly in the middle, roll the edges towards the center. This should create a tight fit in the center of the bag that is rolled around  the insulation machine exit.

Step 4

Place generous amounts of duct tape around the bag overlapping the bag to the machine.

Insulation Removal Machine Bags