Removal Bag Estimate

Not sure how many bags you need for your next job? Here is a list of removal jobs that we or our clients have used on past insulation removal jobs.

SqftDepthInsulation TypeBags Used
970 sqft 16" White fiberglass 6 bags
1609 sqft 2" Rockwool 6 bags 3/4 full
1000 sqft 2" Mineral wool 5 bags 1/2 full
4000 sqft 6" Pink fiberglass 27 bags
1650 sqft 2" Mineral / 3" white fiber 7 bags
1850 sqft 10"-12" Cellulose & pink fiberglass mix 15 bags
2013 sqft 6" Yellow fiberglass 6 bags
1400 sqft 15" Yellow fiberglass 10 bags
2000 sqft 6" Rock wool 20 bags
1650 sqft 2"/3" Cellulose / rock 8 bags
450 sqft 4" Pink fiberglass 4 bags
2000 sqft 6-7" White fiberglass 9 bags

More removal jobs coming soon.

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You can fill these bags full to the max with typical pink and white fiberglass and load them up easy. These bags can get heavy if you fill them with a heavy product like cellulose or rock wool all the way full and continuously pack the insulation down. It took 2 guys to drag the heavy bags away. You can drag and pull these bags across the driveway or down the sidewalk without them tearing and they stack up nicely. We tied the bag closed and made a loop at the end of the bag and hooked them up to a winch and pull them into our trailer and the winch hook did not tear the loop we made at the end of the bags.

— Victor S.
Mesa, Arizona