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Insulation Vacuum Bags

Our insulation vacuum bags are designed to be low bulk , stack-able, functional, easy to transport and are guaranteed not to rip! They are also perfect size for most insulation removal trailers.


Average Rating:


Reviewed by Mike F on
By far the strongest bag we have used. Dragged them to the trailer, kicked them off at the dump. Thanks
Reviewed by Terry on
Will order again.
Reviewed by Nickson on
Perfect, Exactly as Described, Fast Shipping
Reviewed by Brent on
Reviewed by Dr J on
Product saved me a huge mess, will purchase again, highly recommend
Reviewed by Gary on
Works great fast shipping
Reviewed by John Davis on
My guys really like using these bags.
Reviewed by Michael on
Greatest Insulation bags on the planet! I tell everyone including my suppliers about them. Thank you tough bags!!!!
Reviewed by Mark on
Thank you for making such a great bag!
Reviewed by Steve on
Ordered a 5 pack to try out. We are sold!
Reviewed by Brandon on
We just starting using these bags. We are 30 bags in and have yet to have a bag tear. The bags not having a neck does make for a small learning curve, but well worth it.
Reviewed by Tom on
Customer service is top notch!
Reviewed by Cj on
A great removal bag. We can fit 6 more bags on our trailer than before.
Reviewed by Handyman on
Fast shipping. You have to rolls the bags to attach which takes a little more work.
Reviewed by Gary Mobley on
Nice bags. At our office next day. Thanks
Reviewed by Blake on
Really durable bags. The do put off a little more dust, but I think its a fair trade.
Reviewed by Dave Spray Foam on
Glad we found your bags. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
Reviewed by Spencer on
Fast shipping and great help

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Superior Removal Bags

Other bags in the insulation removal industry are over priced and easily tear. Our competitors bags are large and bulky, making it hard to stack and load when it's time to move to the next job. We have one bag, not different versions  or upgrades.


You can fill these bags full to the max with typical pink and white fiberglass and load them up easy. These bags can get heavy if you fill them with a heavy product like cellulose or rock wool all the way full and continuously pack the insulation down. It took 2 guys to drag the heavy bags away. You can drag and pull these bags across the driveway or down the sidewalk without them tearing and they stack up nicely. We tied the bag closed and made a loop at the end of the bag and hooked them up to a winch and pull them into our trailer and the winch hook did not tear the loop we made at the end of the bags.

— Victor S.
Mesa, Arizona