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Insulation Vacuum Bags

Our insulation vacuum bags are designed to be low bulk , stack-able, functional, easy to transport and are guaranteed not to rip! They are also perfect size for most insulation removal trailers.

$9.00 - $8.00/Bag

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QuantityPrice per bagDiscount
1-99 bags $9.00  
100+ bags $8.00 11% off

Superior Removal Bags

Other bags in the insulation removal industry are over priced and easily tear. Our competitors bags are large and bulky, making it hard to stack and load when it's time to move to the next job. We have one bag, not different versions  or upgrades.


I really enjoyed working with this bag after comparing it to the other cotton or cloth like removal bags I have used in the past. These vacuum bags are strong! They stacked up on the back of my flatbed truck really well ( much better than the more big and round bags ) and the dump had no problem with me throwing them out. This is my new go to removal bag. Thanks!

— Gabe G.
Memphis Tennessee